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Silk sleeping bag liner envelop

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Discover the Comfort of Our LOWLAND OUTDOOR Silk Sleeping Bag Liner - Light, Hygienic and Versatile!"

A LOWLAND silk sleeping bag liner is the solution for those looking for a light and thin sleeping solution, perfect for travel, hiking and outdoor adventures. With its straight model, generous dimensions of 220x80 cm and a weight of only 100 grams, this silk sleeping bag liner is a must-have for any adventurer.

Why should you choose a silk sleeping bag liner?

This sleeping bag liner is not just another sleeping accessory; it is significantly thinner and lighter than a traditional sleeping bag, which is why it is also known as a travel sleeping bag, hostel sleeping bag or just a sleeping bag liner. It not only fulfills hygienic tasks, but also serves as an ideal inner sleeping bag, enhancing the thermal effect of your normal sleeping bag. With an increase of several degrees Celsius, you are well prepared for changing temperatures.

Insect protection and ultimate comfort.

The silk sleeping bag liner acts as a reliable insect protection, making it ideal for warm weather, cabins, trekking and more. The breathable material regulates humidity and prevents sweating, which is not only comfortable but also beneficial to your health. Say goodbye to heavy, bulky sleeping bags and welcome the lightness of silk to your travel gear.

Practical and versatile

Weighing only 100 grams and with a compact pack size, this silk sleeping bag liner fits easily into smaller daypacks. It is the perfect companion for hiking, outdoor adventures, tropical travel and backpacking trips. The sleeping bag liner comes with a handy storage pouch so you can always keep it clean and organized.

Specifications of our Silk Sleeping Bag Liner:

- Model: Blanket model
- Material: 100% natural silk
- Hygiene: Equipped with a sewn-in pillowcase
- Packaging: Handy stuffsack included
- Fast drying: Perfect for traveling
- Color: Aqua Blue
- Dimensions: Length: 220 cm x 80 cm - Stuffsack:13x6 cm

Washing instructions:

- Washing instructions: Wash with a gentle non-alkaline detergent. Use lukewarm water (no hotter than 30 degrees Celsius). Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm and then cold water. Use little soap and avoid fabric softener. Lay flat to dry on a towel on the bed or roll in a towel. Avoid the dryer and centrifuge.

Discover the comfort and convenience of our LOWLAND OUTDOOR Silk Sleeping Bag Liner - your ideal companion for a good night's sleep wherever your adventure takes you!

MATERIAL: 100% Silk - Machine washable

Dimensions: Height 220cm - Width 80cm

TEMPERATURES ° C: Adds extra value when used as lining +2.9 ºC

Weighs only 100 grams and dimensions of 220x80 cm.
100% natural silk. Breathable and skin-friendly material (80% polyester - 20% cotton).

Invest in Quality, Reap the Rewards

Lowland Outdoor understands that camping gear is an investment, and we firmly believe in providing products that stand the test of time. When you choose us, you're choosing exceptional quality that ensures optimal performance in any outdoor setting. We are committed to offering you the best customer service throughout your entire purchasing journey, from expert guidance to seamless transactions and timely delivery.

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