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Premium fleece blanket

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 Discover the Versatile LOWLAND OUTDOOR Fleece Blanket

Are you looking for a versatile outdoor sleeping solution? Discover the LOWLAND OUTDOOR Fleece blanket, designed for comfort and convenience in any situation. This fleece blanket can be used in a variety of ways, from a summer sleeping bag to an additional insulating layer in your blanket sleeping bag.

Here are some features and benefits of this great product:

Warm and Comfortable: Made of high-quality 100% brushed polyester fleece, this fleece sleeping bag keeps you warm and cozy even in cooler conditions.

Compact and Portable: Thanks to its small size and convenient stuffsack, the Fleece blanket is easy to roll up and carry in your backpack, ideal for festivals and vacations.

Versatile Use: The Fleece blanket can be paired with a second blanket or blanket sleeping bag using the CNF-5 YKK zipper, giving you extra warmth and comfort when you need it.

Additional Insulation: Use the Fleece blanket as an inner lining in your blanket sleeping bag for extra insulation. This allows you to sleep comfortably even in temperatures below the recommended minimum.

Quick-drying and Suitable for Moist Conditions: The fleece material easily wicks away body moisture, keeping your skin dry and staying warm even in humid conditions.

Machine Washable: Don't worry about maintenance. The Fleece blanket can be easily machine washed, making cleaning a breeze.

Ideal for Warm Countries: Thanks to its quick drying time and comfortable material, the Fleece blanket is also perfect to use as a lightweight sleeping bag for warmer climates.

Measuring 220 x 80 cm and weighing only 995 grams, this hooded blanket offers you the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience. Add up to +5ºC to your sleeping bag's insulation by using the Fleece blanket as an inner lining.

Choose the LOWLAND OUTDOOR Fleece blanket and enjoy comfort, warmth and versatility during your adventures in the great outdoors. Order today and complete your outdoor experience!

100% Brushed polyester fleece
220 x 80 cm and weighing only 995 grams
Blanket model with hood
Dimensions: 220 x 80 cm
Material: 100% Brushed polyester fleece
Connectable with a second fleece blanket through YKK-zipper
Packed in a handy stuffsack
Machine washable, Fast drying
Color: navy

Invest in Quality, Reap the Rewards

Lowland Outdoor understands that camping gear is an investment, and we firmly believe in providing products that stand the test of time. When you choose us, you're choosing exceptional quality that ensures optimal performance in any outdoor setting. We are committed to offering you the best customer service throughout your entire purchasing journey, from expert guidance to seamless transactions and timely delivery.

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